problem importing targets in to ColorPort using the Target Manager

Hello All,

I’m trying to import the target .xml files into ColorPort using the Target Manager and not having any luck. Following the standard procedure, everything looks fine but after closing Target Manager and returning to the Measure Target tab, the new target is not in the Select Target drop down list.

ColorPort v2.05

Java 8 Update 111

OSX 10.10.5


Has anyone seen this issue?



Well this is interesting. I just tried in on another Mac (MacBook Pro) with the same software stack and viola!

*scratching my head

Time to get to debugging. :slight_smile:

Probably a permissions issue with you User>Documents folder.


This is where the targets live.


Good thinking. I was headed down the path of the Users folder. On this Mac Pro it lives on a different volume separate from Boot.

Nope. Permissions is not it. I’m wondering if some part of their path in Target Manager is hard coded and it doesn’t like User not living where it’s supposed to.


Yep. It’s definitely related to Users living some place other than the Boot volume. I fixed the problem by manually copying the .xml files to /Documents/ColorPort_Resources/refs/rgb