Pro, Proofing, and Linearization


OK, Up front let me say this is an odd question…

Background: My 7880 is setup with HD-PK ink as I primarily print negatives with my system. However, I occasionally want to proof a positive print and sometimes want to print this proof on matte paper (for convenience).

And so can I linearize three Pro curves (matte paper, eg. JC-Type2)? I mean I know I can but can I accurately use these new linearized curves? I am not sure if “accurately” is the right adverb here but I am looking for feedback on issues (trade-offs) I may encounter in doing this. One trade-off I can think of is Dmax and / or potential issues in the shadows. I would also build a soft proof profile to help “pre-visualize” the print before printing.

Any thoughts, suggestions, “this is a crazy idea”, are appreciated, :-)!



Not crazy at all. Use the matte curves (T2) to start.


Treat just like a palladium print when imaging. These are low-dmax prints just like palladium/platinum.