Pro inks and negs


My studio is just downstairs from Latitude here in Chicago. Yesterday I went upstairs to print out some targets to linearize, so that I can make bigger negs up there. Their Piezo printer is running Pro inks and I noticed a dramatic color shift from the lightest 2 columns of the 129 target. They seemed to use the cool inks where as the other columns used the warm inks. Does this sound right? Do you guys have any documentation yet that I can refer to for Pro ink negs? My initial targets came out way heavy with a max density at around log 3.5. So, obvs I need to limit those dramatically, but so much??? Thoughts?




Not sure what process they’re rolling at Lat for dig-neg as they have their own curve building tools that I built for them before working at Inkjetmall. Also, did you ensure that you had photo black set and not matte black?




Pretty sure we used photoblack. I’ll work with Alex upstairs on sorting everything out. I was just a little concerned when I saw that it was the Pro inks on the output.




Went back to their master curve and it printed just like my 3880 did, needs to be limited at 220 :slight_smile:

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