Pro Ink - Neutral Is a bit Cool

Ok, I think I purged all my inks. Even the yellow has stopped showing up. I’m printing on Platine Fiber Rag and Gloss Baryta and I notice that the neutral tone prints are noticeably cool. If I compare them to a print made on Ilford Multigrade V it make the silver print look downright warm. To compare I did make a cool tone version, which is much colder to be sure, and split toning in some warm tones in the mid-low end does warm it successfully. I just wonder if there is more purging I need to do if the neutral tone is still somewhat cold?

IME, the neutral tone temperature is very paper dependent. IIRC, the standard Neutral curves are 80% cool and 20% warm (warm is a much stronger color than neutral).

If you want a neutral that is more “neutral”, make a custom blend of Cool and Warm using PPE 2.2.1 Curve Blending function.