printing direct polymer, steel backed plates with large format printers



I am directly printing onto toyobo KM95 steelbacked plates using the bottom tray in an epson 3880. This workes extremely well. Did anyone try this with the larger printers? I own an 7890 and am in the process of installing a K7 selenium inkset. It would be nice to print plates with that inkset too. But I am hesitating to try it myself…

Will the printer hold the weight of an A2 plate for example? Will it sense the correct thickness of the 1mm plate?

Was anyone brave enough to try this?

best regards,



Hi Kees,

We’re printing KM73 plates in a P6000 and we even tried it in an XP-15000W. The P6000 is same printer as a 7890 - just small changes to ink delivery system. Print head and its height are the same as in a 7890. We set the platen gap to maximum… It can hold the weight of an A2 - but… a guide taped to the bottom to stop it from drifting is a good idea… you can drill and put in something permanent - but taping a bit of heavy card stock will act to prevent the plate from crawling more on one side than the other…




Hi Jon,

Thank for your answer. The KM95 plates are heavier than the KM73 I think, but I’ll give it a try. Tip about guides is very useful.