printing a target with remapped inks?


My 3880’s VM clogged up (surprise!) and some time ago, I remapped it LLK = ink 6 and VM = flush. Works fine.

Now I want to print a 51 patch step wedge using print tool so I can so I can create some new curves from scratch. (I used Walker’s to linearize some existing ones, and they look sweet.)

But how do I print that patch chart without running it thru a swapped curve? Can I get there from here? Don’t I need some “non-corrected” curve that I can swap LLK with VM to get a legitimate clean patch print?

Or is my 71 year old brain just dead?


Just print the 51 step with the latest curve (that has been re-mapped already) and calibrate that curve to make a new one. This process is iterative.





Well, I sorta thought was was the only possibility…

Thanks for the confirmation, Walker.


If you find that you need to re-map some other curve in the future I posted a re-map video instruction today:





Excellent, thank you!