Printing a small image on large page - GCO



Printed my first Piezography Pro image on Canson Platine. The paper size was A3+. The image was about half the page so arranged to print it at one end to save half a sheet for later. The GCO kept printing way after the image finished - hit the bin button on the printer when the GCO was about 3 inches past the edge of the image.

Is this normal? Is there a way of stopping this happening? It has worked well when image fits paper.

Printing on mac - latest OS and Print Tool - latest version.

I printed the exact same file on Rag Photo - obviously no GCO on this one. Printer paused at image edge and then ejected the page - the expected response and certainly how it has been working in Print Tool with QTR prior to using the Pro ink set and quad files.

Thanks in advance.



You can use the NWGCO (no White GCO) curves found in the NWGCO subfolder of your printers curve folder. Read the ReadMe.pdf in the curve folder and it will tell you about this.





Thanks Walker.

I had read that but now I guess the understanding is that the GCO will be printed on the entire white area of the sheet, not just the boarder around the image. I’ll have a play but can see how that would work.

I guess the alternate would be to create a custom paper size of half an A3+ so that it stops printing at the edge of the defined sheet rather than the actual sheet.