Printer Recommendations?

Hey gang, wondering what people are loving for printers nowadays? I’m tired of fighting with my 3880. I mean, it works, but having to poke a stick at it (to disengage pizza cutters) and babysitting the film coming through to make sure it doesn’t snag is a drag.

I’d love something that uses suction instead of the daisy wheels (like the big boys) but I’d rather use sheet stock, as I’ve had issues with roll stock.



I ran into the same problems with an older 1450 (the pizza wheels drove me mad). I ended up upgrading to P600, nearly 2 years later and no problems here.

I have been using 3 - 1430s for a couple years and though they work great, they have their limitations.
The P600 is a great choice but the P800 was not much more in dollars and it can churn out some BIG pix. Printed some great shots 17 inches wide, 10 feet long. Great detail. Amazing printer. And you can get quality refillable ink tanks from InkJetMall.