Printer - lifetime and back-up

In the InkjetMaill Newsletter from 11/17/2020 it was with great interest that I’ve read the "New EPSON printers are on the Horizon - and that is not necessarily a good thing”-article.

I’m using a P-600 (Europe) since December 2018 and wondering what the ‘lifetime’ could be of a printer (in general, if different models are comparable)?

Depending of the intensity of use, it’s clear that the lifetime will be longer/shorter. And, probably the most important aspect, maintenance.

For the time being, after two years, the P-600 still runs as new and I didn’t encounter some main issues where repair or other was necessary. Could I expect that from a certain moment (e.g. after 5 years) the first issues will arise and repair will be necessary. Misalignment, replacement of tubing, printer heads, driving-mechanisms, …

With the idea in mind that I would like to print for many years and Epson’s approach concerning Third Party cartridges/inks/… I could purchase a new P-600. In that way I’ve a first back-up. On the other hand, with some search on www, I’ve found the possibility to purchase (some) spare parts (at high prices).

Having a new P-600 in stock that, probably, for at least 5 years, is, in a certain way, a lost investment? Assuming that with the intensity of today’s printing and regular maintenance I can use the P-600 for many years to come.

What can I expect from the functionally of a printer that was for many years in stock? Unboxing, power on and up-and-running?

Jon’s advice is, if I’ve understood the article correct, if you can stock a printer.

I try to have an idea of the expected lifetime of a printer and based on this take the risk/choice to purchase a back-up printer.


all the best


It’s hard to say about life expectancy. In general, and according to the customers who most come to us for help, those printers that are hardly used go first. Those that have been operating and running regularly seem to last the longest. What is critically important is to maintain it regularly and use it regularly. Do not allow it to sit for months…

Having said that - I would invest in a new printer rather than parts. Think of it as possibly the last of the Portriga Rapid. And you buy 1,000 sheets to store in your freezer and thank yourself for years that you did. A new P600 is your insurance to get another five years. Hopefully your current P600 will last 5 years if you take good care of it.