Printer is in use error

i am super frustrated I have been printing through print tool and quadtone rip on my epson p8000 for several months and have recently upgraded to piezography inks on this printer. Everything seemed to be working i went thru the whole linearization process and printed many negatives. Then out of nowhere i started getting
an error while printing thru quadp8000 printer in Print Tool.No printer found i think was the first error. So in my limited printer knowledge I re installed print tool and quadtone rip and reinstalled the curves from Piezography
now i get a "printer is in use"error when attempting to print thru quadtone
My printer is connected directly to my computer via crossover cable but i dont think this is the issue as it will still print if i use the straight p8000 driver in Print Tool. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

When you say “crossover cable” what do you mean? The printer needs to be connected directly with a USB ideally.

Do this. Delete all your Quad printers from system preferences, re-install the curves (it creates the new printer), restart both printer and computer, and try printing again.

Backend if your systems print queue to see if jobs are stuck: http://localhost:631/jobs


Hey Walker
thanks for the response
I was using a RJ_45_cat-6 crossover cable to connect directly to the computers network interface
as recommended in Epson instructions. I had set this arrangement up prior to using piezography and it seemed to be working fine for print tool and quadtone
I do remember reading to connect via usb and not firewire in piezography instructions.However the reason i did not use usb is because the location of my printer is farther than 10 feet from my computer due to room constraints and read the recommendation not to go over 10 feet with usb. i would probably need a 13 or 14 foot usb run
In my frustration yesterday i thought i had tried to wheel my computer closer and connect to usb but it didnt work. I must not have done all of the steps you recommended as i finally got it to print quad again via usb.
thank you ’
know i just need to figure out a solution to cabling and placement

We use a 75ft USB at Cone Editions Press. (it connects from our print server, over the ceiling, and to our Piezo 9900). Those instructions must be old.


yes indeed when i need to rely on the internets for info and not someone with updated knowledge
as yourself i can be misinformed. I have already ordered an active usb cable from amazon i think the directions to not exceed 10 feet is based on a plain style usb cable thanks again and i appreciate all that Cone editions does to support us artists with technical expertise

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