Print Tools Stopped Recognizing P9000 printer


I am trying to print the warm and cool piezo Pro targets in Print Tools on my P9000, and the printer won’t print. I was able to print the first neutral target, then, when I went to print the next warm target, I got the Epson message “stopped filter failed, 1 page” message. Following Epson’s suggestion, I reinstall the P9000 driver, which did not fix the problem.

I can print to the p9000 from Photoshop.

Prior to printing, I reinstalled the Quadtone Rip and ran the InstallP9000-ProK4.commmand in the Piezography>curves>P7000-P9000-Pro-K4 folder.

I printed the Neutral target from Curve 1, and was trying to print the Warm target from Curve 2, and then Cool target from Curve 3. Does this order make a difference?

I have included screen shots.

Any suggestion about what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks, Drew Harty


I figured out what I was doing wrong, and have been able to print the neutral, warm, and cool targets.

I am however still getting the Epson message that says “filter failure,” even when the printer prints. There will be the yellow caution icon on the printer, but the image will have printed.

For the neutral curves, in what percentage are the shadow, mids, and highlights warm and cool inks mixed? What paper was the neutral curved created for, and how might photo rag vary from that?


Drew Harty