Print-Tool Settings Not Sticking

Hi all
Is anyone else having trouble with Print-Tool presets or when using “Last Used Settings” and (possibly) Ventura (Mac OS 13.x)?

I am running Print-Tool v 2.3.4, Ventura 13.3.1. Each time I send out a file to print from P-T, all the settings return to default. This happens without quitting P-T, when the Last Used Settings should stick. I do not have “Reset presets menu to “Default Settings” after printing” checked in the Edit Preset List… panel.

This behavior is erratic, but happens frequently enough to be very annoying.


it’s a ventura problem. Set to “Default settings” and this is actually “last used”


Thanks, Walker! This did the job. Onward to smoother work flows.

As an aside, to anyone interested, I am making 11x14 PiezoDN negs (P 7000, Pro inks) to print up a whole set of 58 platinum-palladium prints from my book, “From Where Loss Comes.” These will go on show at Hendrix College in the late Fall of 2024, then tour numerous venues for the next two years. Contact me if anyone is interested in showing this work.

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Thanks for letting me digress! :slight_smile:

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Walker, As we discussed a bit in the past, and just to confirm…it’s ok for me to upgrade from Monterey to Ventura?


Jeff P.

It is ok but for one annoying thing mentioned above.


Hi - I wish I had known about this work around.

I lost a day downgrading from Ventura after I had all the same problems.

Maybe I’ll try the upgrade again now.