Print Tool Registration?


So, I went threw my 30 day free trial on Print Tools QuadtoneRIP and have been happy with it, I ended up as I should purchasing a serial number, but after 45 days I have yet to receive it from Quadtone.

I’ve emailed Quadtone support a few times and no one has emailed em back

Is this normal? Does anyone have a telephone number I could call here as I’ve invest a few hundreed into Piezone system and at this point I can’t use it without Print-tools.



This has cropped up a few times now and every time it was because the customer’s email in paypal was different then their email they gave to QuadtoneRIP during purchase. Check both your inboxes and your spam folder.

For those reading this thread: InkjetMall (Vermont PhotoInkjet LLC) is not the creator or supporter of PrintTool or QuadtoneRIP. That is Roy Harrington’s creation.

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Howdy and thanks.

Technically that might be the case.
I’ve emailed the email they have listed asking them check it under the Paypal email or the one I generally use. I’ve tried contacting them with both emails too and via paypal.
No one has emailed me back in the last week. I’ve been checking my spam folder too, and zero here.

Part of me wonders if these might be vacation or something like that too, but I really don’t know and I’m stuck with ought the license too.

By chance, does anyone have a phone number for these folks?