Print Tool / QTR Driver Issue with 10.14?

Hey, I still have color ink in my 4900, but HD MK / PK in there for better Dmax, just to print color with custom profiles until I run out of color that came with it, then gonna switch to DN. I had a really weird issue last night. Did a 10-ink purge in calibration mode, no color management, etc, and it printed the PK and LK the same… like both looked like they were printed with PK, and the LLK looked kind of dark and pretty yellow. PLPP260 on the printer on some random gloss paper I had lying around, if that matters. I’m running 10.14, and got some warning when I opened print tool saying it wasnt compatible with my mac os, but still allowed me to print.

Have you seen this before? I shake my carts maybe once a month, not sure if that matters as far as the LLK.


Please private message me the bottle LOT# of the LLK. There could be a channel damper merge . . .