Print Tool Doesn't Show New Quad Curve


I created a new curve for K7 inks with Photo Rag on a 9880 , saved it to the Piezo Curves folder with the quad extension, changed the permission to read/write for QTR, and installed it for a 9880. It doesn’t show in the quad curves pull down list in Print Tool.

I copied the curve to Library> Printers> QTR> Quadtone> Quad9880-K7, reinstalled it, and it still doesn’t show up in the QTR pull down list.

I tried doing the following that Walker had recommended to me before:

Set the permissions (get info) on the new .quad file to Read/Write for everyone. Then install. If still nothing, re-install QTR and then install. If still nothing run this command in terminal and then install:
sudo chmod -R 777 /Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone

The curve still does not show up in the QTR pull down list.

Does anyone have suggestions?
Where does QTR store the print curves in the pull down lists if I’ve selected Quad9880-K7 as a printer?

Thanks, Drew Harty

the curve name should have no weird characters or spaces, it should be something like




I did have two spaces in the new curve name. I control clicked and renamed the curve taking out the spaces. Reinstalled the curve for my 9880, restarted the computer, and still Print Tool does not show the new curve in the quad pull down list.
I also installed the new curve in the Library> Printers> QTR> Quad> 7880 9880 K7 folder.

The curve name has capital letters to make in stand out in the list. Could that be a problem?

Thanks, Drew

Please share screenshots of your install process . . + copy/paste the install Terminal console diagnostic after you run the command . . .
putting the curve in the internal folder will not work, it has to be done via the command.

Hello Walker,

I sent Roy Harrington the curve, and he saw what the problem was. He said there were 4 extra lines of information in the .quad curve that shouldn’t be there. He deleted them and the curve is now recognized by Print Tool.

After copying the K7 photo rag 9880 curve in Piezo pro and nulling the LLK position, in the New Curve tab I used Control A to select the curve and copy it to Sublime Text. In doing that I must have selected the top block of text above the curve data as well as all the data in the bottom block.

You said I could use curves I created in Studio Print. Would I used them the same way I used the supplied Piezo Pro curves: open them in Sublime Text, copy them into Piezo Pro, then save the new curve data with Sublime Text back to Piezography Pro curves folder?.

Thanks, Drew