Previewing for split toning in photoshop

Good morning

Is there a process in photoshop to add layer filters to mimic the look of split toning so I can preview, then turn off and output the single layered tiff, and set respective split toning in the rip?

Trying to be a little more sustainable with ink/paper.

Thank you in advance.

It’s possible but maybe a waste of work. I suggest small hard proofs (actual prints).


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Thanks Walker, this is what I’m doing at present :+1:

I’ve generally used QTR-Create-ICC to use for preview profiles in Photoshop, not for printing, but for giving a hue indication of whatever inkset or split setting I’m using and have profiled. It always get’s down to hard proof though, as Walker says, just can’t avoid it, even when simply deciding which split to use. Even the first final seems to wind up relegated to proof status

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Thank you! QTR-Create-ICC? Is there something in QTR for this, I’ve not noticed it. Will look when I go back to the studio.

it’s a droplet app that’s in the Quadtone RIP download folder. amongst other things