PPE2 Spreadsheet Problem

I’ve hit a problem trying to create a new quad file in PPE2.

My copy of the NEW CURVE spreadsheet shows the greyed out area extending from rows 1 to 1543, omitting the LK and LLK values which should follow on. Opening the original quad file in Sublime text show entries down to row 2057, all of which were pasted into the STARTING CURVE spreadsheet.

As the NEW CURVE sheet is protected, I can’t alter the number of rows into which the data is automatically inserted.

Is this a glitch or am I missing something?


W Hume

Oh no! I will fix in 2.0.4


That said, I did just open this up and clicked the “C” column header. This selected the entire column (it is unlocked). This will get all of your data.


So sorry,


Thanks walker,

That works now.


PPE v2.0.5 (mac only, windows version coming on monday) fixes this bug.