PPE v2 or PiezoDN - New DN Curve from Limiter

Looking for guidance on which tool is appropriate for creating new customized curves for digital negatives using the Pro inks. Reading thru the forum and documentation I am now a bit unsure of which tooling I should use and am not clear on what the actual process is if using PPEv2.

With PPEv2 do I first print the limiter.tif, create an adjustment curve in Photoshop, and then transfer those values to the “New Curve Output Contrast Tweaking” cells?

Do I use the Pro-PiezoDN-Master quad as the data for “Starting Curve” Tab.

What do I use for the “Measurements” tab?


Yeah, you can do this.


When you are actually calibrating a previously limited (aka, calibratable) curve.


The difference then is that using PPEv2 I will need to define a curve that has 5 data points vs. the 4 data points used by the Piezography_Curve_Adjustment tool.

The goal is to create as smooth as possible linear curve in photoshop and transition that data points to PPEv2 correct?

yes that is correct. However, it is all 5 points if I’m not mistaken.

Frankly you can do it either way (old or new way) for the limit step. It works the same essentially.