Power light is off, and the paper/cancel and ink lights are flashing fast


The 1430 User Guide says: The print head is obstructed by jammed paper or another foreign object and cannot return to the home position. Turn the printer off. Open the printer cover and remove any paper or other obstructions from the paper path. Then turn the printer back on. If the error does not clear, contact Epson.

I have not yet contacted Epson. The printer worked fine the last time I used it 3-4 weeks ago. Turned it on today and immediately got this error. It hasn’t had any sort of paper jam and I can’t see anything obstructing parking area. The head seems to move all the way to the right engaging the lever at the far right that moves the cap slightly to the right and forward. Is the cap also supposed to move vertically? Is the carriage supposed to lock in the home position like it does on most every other Epson printer I’ve ever had? It is not doing so.


see reply on main IJM forum.


Still trying to identify the home position sensor. No more comments on the other forum. Can’t find a service manual for this printer. I’d greatly appreciate some help here.

Thanks …


I’m sorry. I don’t have enough info to go by.

However, I did find the factory service manual for this little bugger.







Thanks Walker