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Hi, I’m happy to see positive transparencies mentioned, since I am looking for a master POS for the 7900. I generally only use 6 inks, and wonder if the 7th ink in these is essential.

I’ve had very good luck with making positive transparencies with k7 inks and QTR created curves for a couple of years, but something’s gone amiss (I moved and changed platforms and all sorts of things), and I thought it might be a good time to make the change to an all-Piezo method of making curves and printing transparencies.

I fooled with the POS master for 3880 that Walker uploaded a couple of days ago, got the inks repositioned as I need them to be to use on my printer, but can’t get it to install into the 7900 folder. I’m missing something somewhere. I thought simply changing the name would make it work.

All help aappreciated.

Thanks in advance,



I should have enough time to get all the POS masters up tomorrow (afternoon late).






Great — thanks Walker!



Just giving this a nudge.


So so sorry. My week was re-arranged (to say the least). Will work on this on my day off tomorrow.




Thank-you. I just need the 7900 positive, if you’re pressed for time. I’ve got enough curve making and linearization and nozzle re-assigning under my belt to be able to go from there without hand-holding.


Here’s the POS master for the x900 with normal (non pro) inksets.

Also, here is a quick tool I worked up that inverts .quads.

Open your .quad in a text editor. Select all, copy, and paste into the first column of the tool (starting in cell A2)

Then copy B2 down and save this inverted data into a new txt file. Save this text file as “somefilename.quad” and you should be good to go.

I will mule through the list and invert and put in next version bump of PiezoDN.



QUAD-INVERTER.xlsx.zip (85.5 KB)

79-99-PiezoDN-Pd-POS-Master.quad_.zip (4.33 KB)


Thanks so much, Walker — and for the Quad inverter as well — now go enjoy your day off!