platinum/Paladium Curves - K6?

I’venot had much luck, but I’m looking for platinum/Paladium Curves for use with the K6 (I’m using a epson 1430 printer). Also my current kit uses Bostick & Sullivan materials and Hanam papers.


It sounds like you are new to PiezoDN (and maybe to Pt/Pd printing as well) so please forgive me if I am mistaken.

The curves are found in the folder Piezography>Curves>1430-PiezoDN. If you have not already done so, you must run the Install command (Install1430-PiezoDN=1400.command) from the same folder for the printer to be installed and the curves to appear in the relevant dropdown list in Print-Tool/QTR. (I am assuming you are on a Mac since you didn’t say otherwise.) Note: The printer will be installed as a separate printer from any other installation of the same same printer. It will have the name Quad1430-PiezoDN. You must be sure to select this as the active printer in P-T in order for the right set of curves to appear in the curve list.

The potentially useful IJM supplied starting curves for Pt/Pd are:

  • 1430-PiezoDN-Master.quad
  • 1430-PiezoDN-PtPd.quad
  • 1430-PiezoDN-Pd-Ox-IJM.quad

You could start with any of these. The one you choose might be influenced by factors such as:

  • your level of experience and competence with Pt/Pd printing in the darkroom
  • your level of experience and competence with Piezography in general and PiezoDN in particular
  • do you have (or have access to) a spectrophotometer for performing the linearization process

Personally, I start with the Master.quad and modify it to my needs. Each process variation, each paper, mix of metals, developer, etc, will have it’s own quad curve. No curve made by IJM or me or anyone else under a specific set of conditions using a specific set of materials is going to be perfect and without need for modification in order to get optimum results for anyone else anywhere else.

It may seem tedious at first, but learning the linearization process and how to shape it to your needs and tastes, is well worth the effort.

~ Keith

Many thanks, I’ll give this a try this weekend.