Pink Image ???

Trying to print my first PP image … funky image resulted … don’t know my error …

Description of setup follows … QTR panel attached … funky image attached …

Any help in determining missing step is appreciated …


Printer: Stylus Pro 7900

Paper: Hahn Photo Rag

Ink Setup as follows:

  • CYAN (Carbon Shade 2)
  • ORANGE (Piezo Flush)
  • YELLOW (Neutral Shade 7)
  • LT. CYAN (SE Shade 3)
  • MATTE BLACK (Neutral Shade 1)
  • BLACK (Photo Black Shade 1)
  • MAGENTA (SE Shade 4)
  • LT. BLACK (Neutral Shade 6)
  • GREEN (Piezo Flush)
  • LL BLACK (Piezo Flush)
  • LT. MAGENTA (Selenium Shade 5)
QTR Panel attached: QTR Panel

Image Sample attached: CPWalla Image

Any help appreciated … THANKS

¥ou are simply using the wrong curves.

Go to and download the community edition and follow the instructions found in >Piezography>Documentation>The Piezography Manual.

Also this is the quick guide for installing and deleting QTR profiles:

If this is the first time you’ve ever used QuadtoneRIP or Piezography, make sure to look through the manual fully.