PiezoPro warm ink problem


I have been trying to Linearize some Hahnemuhle Museum Etching and ran into a problem with the warm curve. I am using a 9900 and have mapped my LM to OR in the quad file and the spreadsheet. I make the initial 256 chart and all is good. I plug in the original warm quad and the measurements into the spreadsheet and copy the new curve. When I print the 256 chart with the new curve, it doesn’t look good at all. The middle is almost the lightest color. I opened the linearized quad file and there is nothing there for the OR which is my Warm Medium ink. I look at the original curve and there are numbers in the OR.

I then made a real simple 21 step chart and measured by hand. The same thing. I then tried to linearize it with another software and printed a 256 step chart and it came out right.

What am I missing? I attached an image of the bad chart. Don’t mind the stains, I pulled it out of the trash.

The files and measurements are here: http://gregbrophyphotography.com/warmchart.zip



This may be a combo problem.

  1. Make sure that you start the linearization with the new curve in the :Starting Curve sheet but make sure also that you have reset the PPE tool back to its default settings (no remap settings).

  2. Make sure that you are actually smoothing your measurements properly etc. The second curve looks like it only picked up 1 or 2 measurements and just obliterated itself.

Share screenshots.


I duplicated the original PPE and remapped the channels. I added the curve and measurements. The smoothing is 70-20. Here is a screenshot:

Walker replied offline, but wanted to add the solution here in case someone is also dumb like me. I was remapping the ink twice.