PiezoPro master curves


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I’m making negatives using piezo pro inkset. I primarily use Hahnemuhle paper, and am the beta master curve is a good starting point.

However, on Hosokawa Washi the beta master curve is not as good a starting point for me. I’m wondering whether new curves a being developed that might work better or what other people are doing?

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Everybody’s darkroom and materials are so different. This is what the “Piezography Curve Adjustment” tool was created to calibrate a master by eye (before or in-lew-of the calibration with a spectrophotometer).





Got it. Thanks.




I print on washi too. I’ve made profiles for several washi including Gampi Torinoko (KH-1, no longer available), Shikibu Gampi (ECG-36), Sekishu Torinoko Gampi (HP-60), and Hakkinshi, but not yet Hosakawa though I have tested it. Since I’m using the K7-Carbon inkset, I relimited the master curve, though the change was very slight and probably not necessary. My test of Hosakawa with a Stouffer 21-step show it to be quite similar to Hakkinshi, so I wouldn’t expect there to be a problem.

What specific issues are you having?


Thank you for your response Keith,

Much appreciated. When I print with another methodology (qtr and oem ink set), my Hosokawa prints turn out just as I envision them. With Piezo Pro, I am finding that I need to expose my image about a minute more than with other methodology, and that (I have not finished calibrating workflow with Hosokawa) the images are bit “anemic” and I think that they look “noisier” or have more grain in finished print. I was thinking of limiting the curve as well, which I still might test.

I have not yet sized the Hosokawa, but am going to try that later this week. Gelatin with Alum and Gelatin with Glyoxal. Testing both sizing recipes. Might help.

I’ve seen your notes on Washi for PT/PD on your site, and there is a lot of great info there. Everyone who is working with Japanese papers…go see Keith’s notes. Great write up.

Thanks again for response Keith.




PiezoDN is a very dense negative and OHP Pictorico Ultra Premium (I assume you are using that as that is the only film that works with PiezoDN) is slightly more dense than other films so requires a longer min-time for max-black.

So, you probably actually need to linearize and it should all fall in line.



Also, if you are using a Pro inkset, the actual neg you are printing is from a beta curve and it is more noisy than it should be. The final production curves will be much less noisy indeed but that R&D is a little ways out.




Thanks Walker. I am using OHP Pictorico Ultra Premium. I do notice that with the Pro inkset is a bit (not bad though) noisy. Since I am a production shop, albeit a small one, and PT/PD print for other photographers, when do you think R&D will be on your schedule?
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