PiezoPro Inks & CGO

I notice that the PiezoPro inks are not online. When will they be available?

We are in the bottling and pre-fulfillment process of the second batch which takes a bit of time. Very very soon!



“Soon ???” That’s sorta like seeing a sign on a business that says “Gone Fishin’ — Back in 30 days”.

I’m about 3/4 through my first batch of PRO inks and CGO. I definitely don’t want to risk running out because of a great concern about clogging a printhead or having pigments settle in lines.

Is this next batch pre-sold-out?

If not, can you give me a better guess please?


Hi Greg,

Well that’s quite a coincidence you’d say that. All of us were just out there not but an hour ago ice fishing, freezing our asses off, drinking beer, and standing around looking at holes in the ice. We had quite a few flags snap and we just came back in with some nice lake perch. We were gonna do a little fish fry for lunch. Maybe make some tongue and cheek sandwiches, too!

So, to answer your questions about more exactly when, certainly we think before muskrat season opens. Pretty darn sure about that.


Or on or about March 10-14 is my best guess.


Hey Jon,

Well, I guess it’s all about perspective. Not much ice fishin here in lower Alabama and I haven’t trapped a muskrat since the 1970’s in eastern Ohio. That’s been so long ago, I can’t remember when muskrat season is. So I greatly appreciate your Reference to what I’m assuming is the standard calendar.

Just so you know we’re on the same page, that’s how people give time here too! And they give distance in how long it takes to get there.

So if you’re ever down this way, let me know when you’re an hour past the black stump and I’ll gladly buy you a cup of coffee.

I’m going to be needing color inks as well as PiezoPro, but it looks like I’m good until maybe early April. I’ll order everything together when the Pro inks are available.

I appreciated your reply.