Piezography Professional Edition Updates to v1.4

Dear Piezography Professional Edition users. I updated PPE to 1.4 about a minute ago. It includes updated targets for creating i1Profiler ICCs for Piezography (the alternative way to calibrate Piezography that allows print to screen contrast matching using Xrite’s profiling algorithms).

The new targets are now untagged RGB where-as they were untagged grayscale before. Adobe Color Print Utility likes untagged RGB better than untagged Grayscale.

I’ve also added a ColorPort target that allows quicker reading of the printed ICC patches in strip mode because i1Profiler enforces a step by step measurement of all 600 patches which can take too much time for some people.

all the best,



ps: For anyone confused about the Piezography ICC Profile tool and why it’s useful or what the differences are between it and linearizing, please read the Deluxe Manual v2017.1. it described what it does in detail.

Thank you for the update. Just a reminder that to get just the latest manual, one needs to download the entire 1.45 GB Piezography Pro Edition for Windows (even if,like me, you are on a Mac) and get the 162 GB v1.4 manual from the Documentation folder. Walker, would it be possible to have the latest manual always available for download in a pinned post atop the private forum?

@Walker, FYI it looks like the updated TIF files in the Piezography ICC Tool folder (Version 1.4) were saved without LZW compression, which makes the total Version 1.4 download a whopping 1.45 GB (compared to the Version 1.3 download which was about 549 MB). For sure the files will get bigger due to being RGB now (vs. Grayscale) but a 2.6X increase in the download size caught my attention!

@Wayne, I think you meant “162 MB” instead of “162 GB” for the manual size.


Whoops. Will fix the actual images on Monday.

The actual download size is only a fraction though as the DMGs (and windows ZIP files) are compressed.

[attachment file=27455]