Piezography K7 prints are too dark


I know this is not a PieozDN question, however, if anyone can help me with this problem I would appreciate it. I have a 3880 setup with Piezography K7 Selenium ink, I use Cone Type 5 paper, QTR and the curve for the Type 5 paper. This problem started over a year ago out of the blue. My ink is not out of date. Nozzle checks are always good.

Thanks, Jim


My guess is that something in your setup was inadvertently changed. Mac or PC? Please show screenshots (or list) of all QTR setup - don’t leave anything out. I run a 3880 with K7-Carbon mostly for negatives, but occasionally I make prints on it too with no problems.

The main forum might be a better place for this question. :wink:


Dear Jim. I think you should ask this question on the main forum (community.inkjetmall.com). I can help you there.

There is a rather large amount of different type-5 curves available. If you are using an old one, there is most likely a new one made.



Walker, Keith

Thank you for mentioning the other forum. I will post there, however, I am not able to sign on. It will not accept my username and/or my password. Do I need a different password and username for that forum?



Yes. If you have not used that forum before, simply sign up! :slight_smile:







When I try to sign up for the community forum and use my email address it will not accept it. I am told it is already used. I don’t have another email address so how can I make this work?



It looks like you signed up on the forum a few years back.


I sent you a new password link to your email.