Piezography K6 ink set for digital negative

For several years, I have been using the “Piezography K6 ink set” for digital negatives with PiezoDN Software for Epson 1430. It looks like that few inks are no longer available. What are my alternatives for continuing to use PiezoDN Software and my Epson 1430 printer to produce digital negatives? I’m going to run out of ink soon.
Thank you

You can use any combination of the K6 inks as long as you create new profiles for your dig negs. Selenium shade 6… I will not have time to formulate again until sometime after the new year. The other 5 shades are still available. You could add Neutral shade 6 instead and re-linearize your curve to compensate.

Thank you very much Jon!
It’s comforting to know that I will still be able to produce digital negatives for many years to come.

Selenium Shade 5 and 7 mixed 1:1 = Shade 6.

And a note here, you can use all legacy K7s for dig negs except carbon shade 2. That does not work on Pictorico as @jkschreiber discovered.

Thank you very much Walker !