Piezography Ink consumption per square unit?

Has anyone any idea of the cost or the consumption of ink (using full Piezography Pro ink set) per square meter / foot print?

I realize that it all depends on the type of print, the type of paper and probably other factors. But say that we are printing a heavily saturated print on matte cotton textured paper, to be on the safe side?

I would be most grateful for any reliable data in that field!

Also, any idea of the amount of ink consumed by an Epson printer (9900 in my case) for each full standard cleaning cycle?

All this to help establish a price list for printing services using Piezography Pro.

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Dear Eitan,

the cost of Piezography is equivalent to Epson OEM just about. However, as a long long time fine art printmaker I can tell you that consumables are only a small percentage of the true cost of production in a lab. Much more labor and cost goes into cutting, sheeting, and packing a print than actually printing the image. It’s important to properly price prints based on labor and over-head and not based on materials. I’ve learned this the hard way after creating my first lab (Black Point Editions) and thinking that most of the cost of a print was material. Not so . . . material cost per square foot shouldn’t exceed 20% of the price of the print. If it does you are pricing too low. Weighting prices based on labor (more per sq ft for small prints, less per sq ft for large) is also important or you will loose oodles of money doing small one-offs for the types of clients who want only 1 print every 2 years.

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Many thanks for this important input, Walker!

Much food for thoughts!
Thanks again,