Piezography ICC tool with ISIS XL - too many values?

Is the procedure for using data from measured ISIS XL targets the same as the i1 Pro 2 targets demo’d in the video? I printed the i1iSisXL-v1.tif target in the Piezography ICC Tool folder.

The measurement data I have from the ISIS XL target has 655 L* values, not 256 per the instructions in the Piezography Professional 2.2.1 tool.

Please share screenshots.


Here are screenshots of the data and the results in the Home tab.

9900-pro gloss-1132021_M2.txt (11.5 KB)

9900-pro gloss-1132021_M2-custom-cgats-lab-only.txt (18.4 KB)

Very strange that it would be that many rows.

Try using this i1profiler target:

Archive.zip (574.0 KB)


Thanks, I will try this.

Hi Walker,
I printed that new target, measured and got the values into the Piezography Professional spreadsheet as expected. I have another question - when I drag the ti3 file onto Piezography-Icc-Profiler, I get this error message:

“​.​/colprof: Error - CGATS file read error : Unable to open file ‘/Users/brad_sierra/Desktop/piezo.ti3’ for reading”.

The ti3 file I tried to open containing my measurements is called “piezo test iccprofile.ti3”. It’s not titled “piezo.ti3” - I’m not sure what the piezo.ti3 file is.

remove the spaces in the file name

fyi, if you have i1Profiler (licensed for RGB output ICCs) making an ICC with that may be better quality.


I removed the spaces in the file name and am now getting this error: " Unable to open file ‘/Users/brad_sierra/Desktop/9900-pro.ti3’ for reading"

Also, I tried making the profile with i1profiler but got an error message (“Error creating profile”). I have the Profiler Publish + Device Link package. Does it need to be the RGB version to work?

it needs to be rgb yes,


That’s too bad about i1Profiler; I hoped that since it could make RGB profiles along with cmyk it would work for this.

Any ideas on the error message with the Piezography-Icc-Profiler? Is the Piezography-Icc-Profiler software more optimized to use the results from measuring an i1Pro 2 target?

It will!

Lets do a phone call tomorrow and sort things,