piezography ICC profile error

Hello Walker,

I am trying to create my first ICC profile: Printed the i1iSis-V2.tif image with a linearized quad (129 steps), another person did the read out and returned me txt-file (attachment file 1 )… I did steps 10-12 from the manual and returned the new txt file (attachment 2)…the company with the i1iSis reader got an error trying to finish the icc profile ( see screen grab 3 )

Can you see by the files where we went wrong?

Epson 9880, Selenium K-7, JonCone studio type 5


i1iSis-v2_M2.txt (18.4 KB)

Piezography-i1Profiler-ICC-Tool-Beta.txt (91 KB)


I think you just copied and pasted the measurement numbers incorrectly.

You need to open the M2.txt in excel and only copy the three columns.

[attachment file=28060]
[attachment file=28061]
[attachment file=28062]




ImportThis.txt (16.7 KB)

You can use the “import this” txt file to import the data and create the profile.

Remember to print with Relative Colormetric wBPC with this profile.