Piezography exhibit in Ottawa

Hi everyone. I’m currently doing an exhibit of the Freedom Convoy that occupied downtown Ottawa a year ago - at the Art+ Galerie on Sussex drive in downtown Ottawa. “Fringe” is a series of 42 Piezography prints of black and white Polaroid portraits I took of the truckers - many of which were signed by the truckers themselves.

The show kind of took a life of its own and was even covered by CBC (the Canadian version of PBS) and some of local Quebec TV stations.

They’re forecasting a brutally cold weekend but I’ll be at the gallery both on both days and look forward to meeting anyone brave enough to show up and will welcome you with a hot coffee, hot chocolate or even a beer or glass of wine :slight_smile:



congratulations, it looks like a great show. The more Peizography out there the better. It’s still a beautiful process, that keeps evolving, and way more artists should be aware of that. Looks like a beautiful show

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Thanks Tyler! I love Piezography and try to convert as many people as possible to the process up here in Canada :slight_smile:

Not everyone liked the show - and apparently I’m a racist and homophobe - people are nuts :man_facepalming:

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