Piezography Curve Adjustment Tool

How can I modify or create a curve adjustment tool that has more than 4 input points. I think having one with the same number of points as a photoshop curve could be used to compensate for differences in printer models. For example print (on photo paper) a 21 step wedge using a known quad file (from the first model) on both printers. Measure the difference and create a cgats file to apply to the second printer and the resulting linearization should adjust the inks on the second printer. I’d like to figure out how to move to my p800 from my 3800 without recalibrating everything. The p800 puts down more ink than the 3800.

PPEv2 allows for 5 points fyi . .

In my experience gamma changes from one printer to another due to ink load differences do not require more than a few points . . .