Piezography.com (wordpress site) and Login: Upcoming Changes

Dear Piezography Software customers,

soon Piezography.com will be changing its infrastructure from Wordpress to our main shop backend (Odoo). As you know, to log into this forum you have to log into Piezography.com with your username and password that I have set up there. It’s cumbersome because Piezography.com is a wordpress site and often people forget their passwords or have trouble reseting their passwords. So we are retiring logins at Piezography.com for this forum soon.

What this means for you.

Cons: All login passwords at Piezography.com can’t be moved to forums.piezography.com because they are encrypted securely. They can’t be moved.

Pros: Don’t worry though! Upon logging into forums.piezography.com after the change you will have the option to log in a bunch of different ways:

  • By Email (this is the manual “add a password” way)
  • With Google
  • With Facebook
  • With Amazon
  • With Apple
  • With Twitter

Basically if your Piezography.com email is associated with any of the major websites listed above you will be able to log in without ever setting a password (much more secure!). But if you don’t want to log in with any of the websites above you can simply click “by email” and you will be able to add a new password and log in with that.

But what about downloading software at Piezography.com?

All software releases will now be added to this forum in either the PiezoDN Download or Piezography Professional Tools Download categories. Your group membership will give you access to the downloads. If you purchase PiezoDN you will have access to the PiezoDN download at the forum and same for PPEv2.

Am I interpreting this correctly?

There will be no need to log into Piezography.com because the downloads will be moving elsewhere.

No, only to set a new password or to log in with a bounty of other account options if those accounts use the same email address as the one you have registered here.


So I’m new to the PRO site, and a bit confused how you differentiate between the Community and the Pro. Is the PRO focused only on software downloads and curves? My Wordpress log in takes me to a Wordpress dashboard that tells me mostly about expired subscription to one of their templates… so any changes you’re making are welcome. But I’m not exactly clear where to go for what between these two… and then Wordpress or GITHUB… simply add more head scratchers when they intrude. Any clarity to my muddle headedness here would be helpful.

Also, having followed a bit of discussion on curves, I have an i1STUDIO (relatively new) and a Datacolor Spyder 5 (relatively old) and wonder whether I’ve been sucked down the wrong way, or whether I can push the process the way I need? I also have a densitometer (quite old). And though off topic, appreciate your response here, too.