Piezography 700 step XRite DTP70 Colorport target

Walker, here is a scan of the target I printed to send to you. As you can see it is mottled in quite a few places. Can this be corrected? Can you still make a profile for me if it looks like this? I am wondering what I did to cause this.
Thanks, Catherine

Hmmm . . . . being mottled like this makes me thing you need to set your tween/glycerin different. Also this is over-exposed. You can probably bring out exposure amount down by about 50%.

Those two things will help the mottling and then just go ahead and send this my way. Email me the .quad curve you printed with too.


Too much tween/glycerin or too little?

Walker, I did another print today using less of the glycerin/Tweet and 50% less exposure time. There is less mottling. Do you think I should use still less of the glycerin/tweet or do I need more. i just guessed at using less. Thanks.

Hi Catherine! Before going further with some thoughts, can you tell me which paper? (Looks like Revere Platinum, buy want to be sure.) Where did you get it from and, if available to run (batch) number of the paper - For Revere this begins with a VOR. Thanks - Pradip

Walker, the paper is Arches Platine. I have had the paper a few years and have no idea about the batch number. I might have bought it from Bostick and Sullivan. I only have a couple of sheets left. I am leaving the country in a few days and will not be able to continue this until I return in 5 weeks. Would it be better to start with a new batch of paper when I return?
Thanks for your response. Catherine

Try adding just glycerin, no tween.
For an 8x10inch area, if using 1.4 ml of sensitizer, add 0.14 ml of glycerin 5%

If this still renders a blotchy print, just get a new batch of paper. There was a faulty production (for our purposes) of Arches some years back. The current production of both weights, sold by Legion paper, is good.