PiezoDP (Piezo Digital Positive (?)


Hi everyone, one of my students is asking me to print a positive. By searching the forum I found out there’s POS MASTER curve in the PiezoDN curves for PiezoDN 2 or something like that. I’m on PiezoDN (plain?) with PZK7-SEL ink set on a R2000. How could I get to print a positive with my stuff ?





Hi Pablo,

If you have selected Quad-R2000-PiezoDN as the printer, and have installed the full set of PiezoDN curves for that printer (I mention this only because I don’t! - in the interest of keeping the curve list as clean as possible I move curves that I don’t want or need to another folder so that they don’t install), then you simply select R2000-PiezoDN-Pos-Master in the Curve 1 dropdown list. However, looking at the R2000-PiezoDN curves folder I don’t see a Pos-Master, so I guess Walker will have to address that point. Otherwise, it is no different than printing a negative.



Good to hear from you Keith, yes, that seems to be the case, no POS Master curve in the R2000 folder.Hope Walker to step in with some good news.




The POS curves need re-working as just printing the opposite of the neg curves usually won’t do it for the various positive alt-process types (too much density, wrong spectrum of light, etc).

That being said, if you need to, simply invert the image in print-tool or photoshop and print linear (make sure to soft-proof your b&w image with the PtPd-Default ICC using Preserve RGB Numbers turned on when editing your image for printing linear “with no color management”).



ok, I think I understand what you mean. Will give it a try as soon as I get my two printers back on.

I didn’t have the time to think of what I’ll have to do with the 3880 which keeps showing an error telling me to replace the maintenance tank and that one of the carts is not seen.

And as for the R2000 now it seems there’s a couple of carts that aren’t seen either.

I’m thinking of rather going to some Caribbean resort, have some not so soft drinks and forget not making digital negatives but every thing photography related. I feel so so so much frustrated…







And as for the R2000 now it seems there’s a couple of carts that aren’t seen either.

And simply pulling the carts and replacing is not resetting?






seems to me it is not

I’ll keep trying.

One more thing, should I use the chip resetter every time I refill the carts ?