PiezoDN v2.6 Released



I’ve released PiezoDN v2.6 for Mac.

This smooths all existing starter curves and included streamlined instructions, etc.

Download: https://piezography.com/downloads/piezodn/


v2.6 11/28/2018 ~ Updated PiezoDN curves (smoother tonal range). Got rid of the redundant curves (Pd-Ox, Pd-AC, etc). Added curve _ReadMe.pdf files to every curve folder. Created new Quick Start guide for PiezoDN. Included Piezography Manual 2018.2 Deluxe Edition. Added P400/R2000 Pro ink beta curves.

PLEASE NOTE I suggest you rename your old Piezography folder something like “Piezography-old” before running this installer as the new PiezoDN version has a stripped down set of curves (I’ve gotten rid of the redundant curves) and you may want a fresh Piezography folder instead of having the new PiezoDN merge with your old curves (it over-writes curves where they have the same name but your redundant curves will stay there if you don’t do the suggestion above.)

The PiezoDN Curves Installer is now in >ProgramFiles(x86)>Piezography>Curves>
The PiezoDN ICC Installer is now in >ProgramFiles(x86)>Piezography>ICCs>




I tried to download, but permission was denied.



You have full permission to download. Did you test with a different browser? Please show screenshot of the error if possible.

I show 2 - 3 downloads per day of PiezoDN so it’s not an error on the server-side.



I was able to download via Safari.