PiezoDN v2.5 question


I am returning to PiezoDN while awaiting an update to the beta driver and have a quick question.

I reinstalled v2.5 and do not see a quad7880PRO-PiezoDN installer. In my Installed_Curves_Backups folder there is a file called “4880-7880-0880-PiezoDN-Pro” that I have been using. When installed it contains one curve: “x8-PiezoDNPro-Master-Beta”. In re-reading the release notes there is a comment that this beta driver was going to be updated in a subsequent release.

So two questions:

  1. which Quad printer installer should I use from v2.5 since there is not x880ProPiezoDN?


  1. should I continue to use the x8-PiezoDNPro-Master-Beta driver?





I installed the Quad7880-PiezoDN.pkg and now find several starting curves for alt. processes.

Please confirm which one I should use (see previous post for additional information).




The driver is entirely different from QuadtoneRIP. It does not use install commands etc.

If you are simply looking for a pro curve to use with the driver, use the ref.quad and xml curves from the >Driver>MASTER-LUTS>3880-Pro for your 9880 following the instructions in video that is at the beta forum: https://community.inkjetmall.com/c/beta-tester





Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for the confusion in my question.

I am not confusing the beta driver and the released PiezoDN product(s). My question was only regarding the 7880ProPiezoDN install and associated curves. As I mentioned I did not see an installer for PiezoDN for the 7880 with Pro inks in the v2.5 PiezoDN release. However this release does have a large list of QTR curves for alt processes. In a previous PiezoDN release there was a 4880-7880-9880 PiezoDN Pro inks installer. This version only has a single QTR curve that is labeled beta. Which one should I use?




I only ever made a single beta curve for Pro ink printers and QuadtoneRIP. All the other curves are for Selenium ink so if you have Pro ink in your printer don’t use any of the old PiezoDN curves and use the method from above.

If you have Selenium ink use the PiezoDN curves that have all the various methods listed. Start with the master curve or whatever curve is closest to your output method.





Perfect! Thanks Walker. I will continue to use the single beta curve.


Walker, Did you ever test the Pro ink beta curve with any alt. process?


I see the source of confusion - Michael wrote beta-DRIVER where he meant beta -CURVE


We tested with Platinum which is actually a very forgiving medium vis a vis noise. We saw noise and I determined after working on it for months that the problem was in the ordered dither (in combination with dual quad inks). But less discriminating alt processes may be happy. I know of several people who have modified these beta qtr/curves to work for Cyanotype.