PiezoDN v1.3


Just read about the release on FB and headed to the forum to upgrade. Two questions: where do I find the version release information? When I upgrade to v1.3 will it overwrite older versions / all folders (I do ask because in the info it talks about deleting the ColorPort folder.)


Also, will there be an up-date for the Windows version?

Did it say colorport folder of colorport file? I thought it said file. Folder makes more sense.


Actually- here’s a quote: “v1.3 ~ Updated all targets and debugged a lot. You will need to delete the target reference file in ColorPort and re-import the reference file.”</span>

Target reference file in Colorport

I had to link the download to the new package.

It will be available in about 5 minutes after this post. The total package size will be 80.9MB.
Good catch!

I just downloaded the file (twice, just to make sure). The zip file size is 79,028 KB.

So far, I’ve found a couple of issues.

~$129STEP_COLORMUNKI_ORGANIZER_SMOOTHER.xlsb and ~$Piezography_QuadLin_ErrorCorrection.xlsb in the tools folder are only 1K in size and appear corrupted. (it looks like the latter file was a carry-over from the previous version.)

3880-PiezoDN and 4900-PiezoDN folders are missing the README.pdf files, which were there in previous versions.

Thanks for the eyeballs. I fixed all of this and also updated the Smoother tool to be more functional. Bumped the release to 1.4.





There is a “change log” directly under the download in the download section. This is pretty clearly where you find the version release information. I’m not sure how to make it clearer.

As stated in the Windows-beta section, the Windows beta follows the Mac version so any-time the Mac version is updated, the Windows-beta is also updated. You’ll notice that both are at version 1.3.

In regards to the Colorport targets, because all of the target tiff files have been updated, you must re-import there reference .xml files in ColorPort before reading the printed densities. That is all.



I’m looking for the changes in the Windows version, and I can’t seem to find them. Also, the size of the zip file is the same as the first one I downloaded in June. Am I missing something?