PiezoDN Update, Piezography Community Edition Updated

PiezoDN has been updated to 2.8 with a bug fix to the curve installers (for Mac) + the new Pro Master curve + starter curves for MaldeWare (PtPd-PrintOut) and normal (PtPd-DevOut) + a starting curve for Cyanotype all for the pro inkset on x8xx style printers, P400 style printers, and x900 style printers.

PiezoDN targets are no longer included in the PiezoDN package but are part of the free Community Edition now (Com Edition 3.02) so-as to decrease file-size of PiezoDN below 25MB so we can sell the software with auto download on our new shop.inkjetmall.com site soon. This makes the Community Edition a required install for PiezoDN or PPEv2 functionality.

Piezography Manual now lives at https://shop.inkjetmall.com/getting-started-with-piezography. We have plans to update this manual with quickstart guides and install videos for each software package + updated linearization videos specifically for PiezoDN using PPEv2 software. This will take a bit of time.

best regards,

I am starting to use the Malde-Ware PtPd chemistry with the K7 Warm Neutral inkset in my Epson R3000 printer. The relevant starter curve(PtPd-PrintOut) appears to be in the folder QuadR3000-PiezoDN-Pro but not in the QuadR3000-PiezoDN-P2 or QuadR3000-PiezoDN folders.

Can you advise which starter curve would be most appropriate given my ink set?

M,any thanks

W Hume