PiezoDN Silver Curve for x8xx Pro Ink

Hey everyone. I’ve been working with Jon Stuart on a silver curve. Thank you Jon for the remote use of the DR and the great target you sent!

This is on Ilford Classic MGIV with a 00 Filter and Pro inks off a 3880. Jon may be able to add specific details about the enlarger/condenser, developer, exposure time, etc.

Pro-PiezoDN-Silver.quad.zip (3.4 KB)

This curve can be used with x9xx printers and SCP printers as well.

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Hi Walker.
I’m new user and a french woman. I 'm discovering this forum. It’s my firs post.
As i whisn to calibrate my négative por Silver Print, does Pro-Piezo Silver .quad exist for P800
If not what curve must I use for printing my first testPiezoDN.
Sorry for my faults;
Best regards

yes, this curve should work just fine for the P800 as long as you have Pro inks.


This was printed on Ilford Multigrade Classic Glossy FIBRE and developed with Ilford Multigrade Paper Developer, as per Ilford instructions. The exposure was 65 seconds at f16.

Thank you very much for the collaboration on this , Walker. I learned a huge amount.

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Pro-Piezo Silver .quad for P800
I have pro inks, but where may I load this curve?

Put the curve into the curve folder for your printer and run the install command.