PiezoDn producing positives

I’m getting an unexpected result from printing a PiezoDn negative for linearizing a new printer. I’m getting a positive on the film when printing a target with the 2nd iteration .quad.
I first printed a 129 step target negative last week with a .quad that was linearized for my old printer. The negative came out as expected (as a negative). I printed the negative in the lab and read the resulting positive with my i1. I put the measurements into the Pro tool and saw (in the Home tab) that the target had printed a bit dark.
So I opened the .quad that I used to make the negtive in Sublime text, copied the info and entered it into the Starting Curve tab
The measurements of the target were in the measurements tab
I copied out the information in the New Curve tab, saved it as a .quad file in the printer folder and installed it for my printer (3880-PiezoDN-Pro)
I set up the same target and selected the new curve in Print Tool and proceeded to print a new negative. It comes out as a positive?!?
To check my setup, I then went back to Print Tool and changed to the original curve to see if it too would print as a positive - it did not. It printed as expected - as a negative.
I’ve redone the whole process and still get a positive. Placing the two curve files side by side in Sublime text, the K channel numbers in both start off high and go down as I read down the file. The numbers are different since one was run through the Pro tool, but they look very similar. The other channels are also similar.
Can anyone help spot my error

Dear Mark, most likely what is happening is you have a permissions error. This will result in a positive (aka, no curve being able to print default).

Set the permissions on the curve to read-write for all and re-install. This should work