PiezoDN Pro Silver Overinking?

I have taken the PiezoDN Master Beta curve, limited it, then made two linearized curves for Ilford MGIV FB and Ilford MGIV FB Warm Tone. Per initial advice, I set the paper feed to -10 and platen gap to narrow to minimize grain/noise.

I’ve attached (raw) scans of the results as well as profiling data (including curves).

[attachment file=26829]
Ilford MGIV FB

[attachment file=26828]

I’m going to try a few tests by slowing and speeding the paper feed, but am wondering if this looks like overinking? The negs looked a lot worse when first printed and have now improved after more than 24 hours drying time. Any advice is much appreciated!

IlfordProfilingData.zip (40 KB)



The second scan looks like it’s putting ink into the clear part of the film (blacks). Is it just the scanner?





Second scan in previous post was indeed scanner error. I’ve since done some tests of different paper feeds which seems to have improved the noise. To my eye, anyway. After a few bracket tests, the optimal setting seems to be + 0.05 % (the default for Premium Luster paper setting is + 0.10 %).

Here are scans of the original neg and the new one with the positive media feed speed.

New Neg

[attachment file=“26846”]

Old Neg

[attachment file=“26845”]

Do these look fine now? I didn’t worry about grain I saw in previous prints as I was doing the Limiter step and then printing the pre-linearized 129 Step chart, but now hoping to nip any issues in the bud if there’s nipping to do.



They look ok but it’s hard to tell online.

I’ve noticed some more noise on this beta curve. (It is BETA). I think I’ll need to re-build some underlying ink layers before alpha.

The first thing to do is print in darkroom and see.



Thanks for your reply. Figured you’ve just looked at a lot more negs and may have some insight. But yes, the pudding will be in the proof! :wink: