piezoDN Pro ink curves - silver and plat/palladium

Hi Walker
I see the 3880-PiezoDNPro-MASTER-beta; whats the news on curves for silver and pd/pt for 3880 Pro



I hope to have these in the new year. I did some chemical changes (but same exact carbon/pigment loads) to the Pro ink in 2018 to allow for better dig-neg dot performance. This has been the part that has delayed things.


Thanks, Walker. Much appreciated

Hi Walker - it’s been a while since this message - would you be able to share a 3880 DN Pro silver curve please?

Don’t have it but willing to build one with someone who has a silver darkroom


Ah - gotcha.
I have a silver darkroom and would like to collaborate.

Hi Jon - did you, or anyone else in the forum, arrive at a silver gelating curve with PiezoDN Pro inks? I am especially interested in finding a curve for the P7000-9000 printers. If there is not one out there, I’ll go ahead and start building one and share when done.
Thanks, Pradip

There’s a working silver curve for Pro inks and P9000 installed on the server computer at CEP. But Jon would have to find it first :wink: hint: it’s actually installed.

It’s built for multi-grade 00 filter, the target Nathanael and I built it from was pretty grainless so working great. Some re-mapping may also need to happen.

There you have it.



We are not in the habit of publishing curves that we have no way of proving ourselves. We do not have a silver darkroom here at CEP as you know. We did make a curve for a customer for Loma Fomabrom Variant III 112 FB VC Paper. We didn’t charge for the work and relied on him and his darkroom. In the end, he ordered a single $65 5x7 negative and did not return for more. So, not 100% confident in this by any means and been reluctant to publish it as a result. Having said that - here it is. I x’d out the customer name to protect the innocent! :wink:

xxxxxx-Silver-cmatch.quad (8.3 KB)

all my best,