PiezoDN Printing Error


Dear Walker

As you know i have both 4910 and 7910 printer for both Piezography inkjet printing and PiezoDN.

Normally i use my 7910 to print DN, and i flip the photo horizontally under Photoshop with black border…but in the past few prints… the print out did not flip at all.

What should i do? I am sure i select the right PiezoDN printer under Print Tool.



Make sure that the “flip image” button is not checked after hitting print.


[attachment file=25676]




Pretty sure Walker meant to say BEFORE hitting print. But you probably understood that.

I just want to add that we actually have 2 options as to how to handle the matter of flipping horizontally.

  1. If you want to flip the image in Photoshop, be sure that you do not flip it again in the Print dialog.
  2. Use the Flip horizontally option in the Print Dialog, but do not flip it in Photoshop.
In either case, use one or the other, but not both. I have found it to be so simple to do it in the Print dialog where I have Flip Horizontally turned on and saved as part of my PiezoDN preset. I never have to think about it.

If there was only something similar for the background! I’ve never understood why QTR has to add anything outside of the image area. Yes, I forgot to add black canvas one day last week. ?