PiezoDN_P2 and the Pro inkset


I have a 7800 and use the PiezoDN_P2 curves for Pt/Pd and Direct to Plate. The sale that is on is tempting me to play with the Pro inks.

Can I simply replace my Pk and Mk inks with Piezography Pro High Density Photo Black and Ultra HD Matte Black inks?

Will this work with some adjustment and calibration - has anyone else had a go?




I am experimenting with this currently. The PK-HD ink is not has opaque as WN1 for negs. It may work fine for DTP but I’ve noticed a bit of noise in the highlights related to the PK-HD and Shade 2 interaction. This may simply have been a chemistry issue in the darkroom the day I was testing (odd oxalate developer) so I’m going back to test it again this week (probably Wednesday or Thursday).

Because the MK is not used in negs, you can certainly install that. Who knows, maybe I will actually need to use 10% MK-HD and 90%PK-HD to so simulate the WN1 characteristics . . .




Hi Peter, Sorry I did not see your post sooner. The new Ultra HD Matte Black works brilliantly for DTP. so if now is a good time to change out OEM Matte Black for UHD do so. Now, you may need a new MIU adjustment for DTP if your shadows appear to be compressed in your eventual gravure print. It seems to be printer specific. Let me know.