PiezoDN Instructions for the 2880


I recently purchased the PiezoDN software for my Epson 2880.

There doesn’t appear to be any instructions for the x880 printers included in the downloaded file. Please see the attached screen grab of the Instructions file.

[attachment file=1092]

Do you have a PDF available for the 2880?

As it says in the Downloads section, the instructions for these small formats has not been finished yet.



HI, Walker.

Thanks for your note. I didn’t see that in the download section - I’d just looked at the “support for x2880” and saw that it was crossed out:

[attachment file=1103]
Should I hold off buying the inks until the instructions are available?





I think it’s fine to buy for the 2880. The instructions for the 1430 (paper handling and star wheels) are the same.

Support means the curves are built.




Okay - thanks.

Can you provide me with an Ink Shade Placement Chart for the 2880? Or - I’m assuming that the instructions on your site for <span style=“color: #000000; font-family: Times; font-size: medium; line-height: normal;”>converting a 2880 to a Piezography printer indicates the proper ink shade placement, correct? </span>



Yes. Normal K7 Selenium inks will work (use Photo Black). This will enable both Piezography K7 printing as well as PiezoDN (K6) printing.





Thanks, Walker.


Just to confirm before I make the purchase this morning, the K7 ink here:

…would work for PiezoDN on a r2880, correct?