PiezoDN Images Not Installing

I erased all of the components of Piezography & PiezoDN in order to begin calibrating a new printer from scratch with fresh components. I reinstalled all of the components of the Piezography system.
The reinstall has not included the target images for PiezoDN.

Here’s what I did (Mac mini w/ Apple M1 chip):
erased QTR and Piezography folders in Applications
erased installed QTR printers in >Library>Printers>QTR

Then, in this order:
Installed QTR v2.8.2
Installed Piezography Community Edition v3.3.1
Installed PiezoDN v2.8.1
Also installed PPE v2.2
In the Piezography folder in Applications there is an ‘Images’ folder which contains Piezography_Targets and QTR_Flush_Images.
The targets folder has folders for 4 spectros and a limiter.tif
The i1Profiler folder (I have an i1) has Piezography target images, but nothing for PiezoDN.
I’ve done this twice to no avail. Any advice is appreciated.

All the target images are in >Images>Piezography_Targets now. Just print those and flip horizontal when making a neg.


Hi Walker,
A friendly heads up. Before going to the forum for help, I checked the manual to see if I had forgotten something.
The online Piezography Manual still instructs one to, “Find the target that works for your spectrophotometer. The most supported “industry-standard” way to do this is with the i1Pro Spectro and ColorPort software. All of the targets are at /Piezography/Images/PiezoDN/”


thank you