PiezoDN for Pro Inks


Hey all. I’ve just uploaded v2.1 of PiezoDN. This includes a beta negative master curve for the Pro inkset for anyone out there who has that.

It is beta meaning we have not validated it in our darkroom. We’ve just done visual checks on the neg to make sure lines and ink lay down and grain are all good, and then we did a UV density translation from our master density list. It will not be perfect out of the box (but no curve ever is because it’s the darkroom) but it will be good enough to calibrate for platinum, palladium, etc.

UV dMax is generally in the 7.0 range with an optical dMax of 2.9 to 3.15. The warm and cool inks are overlapped in a very interesting way (as they have different UV translations) so this is a totally new breed of curves.

Remember, this is for anyone who bought the Piezography Pro ink (pre-sale). That ink will be going on sale again soon.

Cheers all,



Hey Walker - I’m curious about how you are making your transmission density readings. The specs on my X-rite 361T say the max reading is 6.0. Do you have a 361T, or do you use something else? I’ve been getting Dmax in the range of 4.2 - 4.5 for K7 Carbon with an occasional reading >5 but I discard those as unreliable outliers. Do you have an instrument that reads that high?



We have 361T as well. It goes up to 8 but I consider anything over 5 to be reliable too.

However, it does seem to be “reliable” within itself: that is, changing ink amounts between range of 6 to 8 changes the dMax measurement in a predictable manner.

It’s all overkill anyway.




edit> This is for UV. Optical is not reliable over 4.7 I feel.