PiezoDN differences Mac and Windows

Is there documentation available on differences between the Mac and Widows versions of PiezoDN and Piezo Pro? More specifically the available targets and the software embedded in Excel.

The downloads have different version numbers for between Mac and Windows for all three flavors - Community, DN, Pro. The documentation and forum mention targets that I do not find in the Windows version, especially for support of the i1Pro 3.

Can I grab the targets from the Mac version and use those on the Windows version of the software?

It’s my understanding that you should be fine using targets packaged in the Mac version on a Windows machine. The targets are specific to the type of device that will be reading them.

Good news!! Hoping there is not something specific within the Excel that is different and specific to the targets.

Another somewhat related question. Is there documentation or specific guidance on generating custom targets?

Excel is just looking at the L*. You can use a number of different tools to read that data, and a number of different data set sizes, but in the end, it’s just L* values.

The specifics of how to define a customer target will be in the documentation of the software used to read the target.